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Construction & Engineering

Case study

Our client approached us to help them prepare their team for a presentation to a company building a huge new rail network in the UK. The client was concerned that all previous attempts at winning contracts for this network had failed and that they had consistently been unable to influence the key stakeholders.

We spent two days working with the bid team, first focusing on listening to and understanding the specific requirement of the proposed client. We then tailored the content so that they began by talking about the client and not about themselves. Another focus area was around the delivery itself: they needed to sound like it mattered more. We introduced them to the concept of Professional Energy and adding more urgency to what they were saying. Finally, we looked at how they could come across more as a team.
The team’s immediate feedback was that they unanimously felt much more energized and comfortable with what they were saying and how they were saying it. There was more clarity in their approach and they sounded like they really wanted to win the work. And surely they did!


“A totally immersive and effective training session that can clearly result in tangible benefits”