Clients – Legal


Case study

Our client, one of the top 5 legal companies in the UK, asked us to organise a presentation skills course to support members of staff who they felt needed some advice and guidance to become better speakers. One of the attendees had a client seminar the following week and was dreading both the training session and the seminar as public speaking was, she assumed, her weakness.

We worked with her on increasing her confidence by building both her physical and vocal impact. She threw herself into the challenge and by the end of the workshop, her improvement was so dramatic that she became the strongest speaker of the training session!

The following week, she delivered a knock-out session at the seminar and, amazed by the transformation, her boss, a senior partner at the firm, subsequently booked his entire team (including himself) for a session with us!


“This course is the most popular and well attended with our Associate to Legal Director Core Curriculum. It consistently receives positive feedback. We have had specific comments from our staff saying that the course should be compulsory for all fee earners“