Clients – Retail


Case study

A Senior Manager from a retail company asked us to help her assert her influence in meetings and improve the way she was engaging with other areas of the business. Her thorough style and attention to detail meant she often felt like a “balloon-burster”, and so would often take a back seat during meetings.

We worked with her on several areas. Part of it was a mind-set: she deserved to be there, what she had to say was relevant and extremely important and she should not sound apologetic for it. Part of it was to listen to the other people, understand and genuinely empathise with their position but then be able to put her message across calmly and assertively. Lastly, we worked on her delivery and content to make sure that what she did say had more impact.


“Perfect. I learned so many new things today and it will help me so much in the future. Thank you so much. This course will really make a difference to me and my life.”