Skill Shots – Liberating Leadership

Liberating Leadership

About the workshop

Ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve been promoted and – for some reason known only to a select few it would seem – you’ve been expected to simply morph into a ‘Leader of Others’ overnight? You’ve not received any formal training or, come to think of it, any ‘informal’ training, yet suddenly you are responsible – not only for your own performance – but for the performance of others too. If you have – help is at hand! Whether you’re about to become a leader, have just become a leader or have been a leader for a while, this workshop will help you to become a high performing leader!

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You will learn how to:

  • Determine the amount of appropriate support for individuals
  • Clarify the amount of appropriate challenge for individuals
  • Counteract the consequences of getting stuck in a preferred leading style
  • Develop individuals using a 4-step leadership process
  • Re-address your style where there is an imbalance
  • Cultivate the right mind-set in order to be truly effective

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