Our company

The History

The company started life back in 1998 when its two directors, Duncan Holmes (Boo) and Jonathan Bacon, formed a partnership and created a course that blended two worlds: the world of business and the world of theatre.
Jonathan had worked at Lloyds of London whilst Boo had managed a Travel Company and both had left their jobs to train at the world-renowned London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. One day they were reflecting on the challenges common to both worlds and came to the realisation that the business world had a lot to learn from the theatre and vice-versa. So they used their combined skills and experience to create the perfect recipe for their first “Power of Speech” course.

The Collaboration

As “The Power Of Speech” became more popular, Boo and Jon were asked to expand their offering to an Executive level and started coaching Senior Executives in bespoke 1 to 1 workshops. The business soon expanded and Mike Kelly, a life-long friend and fellow LAMDA alumni, was brought on board along with Janis Rees who brought her own expertise in self-awareness and leadership development. More coaches like Brittina Leigh have followed and the company continues to grow year on year.

The Outcome

Nowadays the courses and coaches still reflect the two worlds: they are high-energy, high-impact courses that remain totally relevant to the business world of today. This carefully balanced approach is what makes an immediate and noticeable difference. Most of our participants declare feeling transformed by the end of the day, and often conclude that the course is the best they have ever attended. Vitally, the beauty of the coaching is that the skills are instantly transferable to the workplace often leading to life-changing results.