In the 21st century, no job is for life.  At times, individuals will be involved in having to apply for jobs either in another area of the company or totally outside of the business.

Supportive organisations seek to facilitate a smooth, successful transition, regardless of whether staff are moving ‘on’ or moving ‘out’.

We can help in that process by providing individual coaching to help with interview techniques (on-site workshop), application form completion and updating CV’s (off-site preparation).

You will learn how to:


Complete requisite paperwork effectively

Develop an impactful CV

Make a good first and lasting impression

Reply to questions relevantly and provide data to support responses

Market individual skills and achievements

Ask pertinent questions

What previous attendees said:

“I am short of words to describe today. I am introverted however they found a way of making me talkative and outgoing. I owe him this transformation and am thankful to him for bringing me out of my shell.”

Laing O’Rourke

Why choose us

We make a positive difference to every person that we coach.

We instill them with confidence, clarity and technique enabling them to be consistently excellent communicators.

Our objective is to make people the best that they can be by giving them the skills and techniques to make them honest and authentic speakers.

We transform our clients by listening to their objectives and then identifying the specific areas that they can tweak to meet those objectives.

We are flexible and can deliver our courses either face to face or using video coaching.