“Digital Fatigue” has truly set in. Meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting means that demands on our time have increased tremendously and we have less time to devote to personal development. That’s why we’ve developed “Magic Moments.”

Magic Moments are a series of 7 snappy coaching videos for people to access whenever it suits them best. One for each day of the week and each a maximum of 4-minutes long. They cover some of today’s hottest topics and are a perfect reminder of what you need to be doing to come across at your most effective in a virtual world.

We’ll explore:

Planning on-line meetings

Developing great content

Powerful delivery to a camera

Using the voice effectively

Conveying difficult messages

Attentive listening

Hosting meetings and webinars

What previous attendees said:

“I have just watched through the bite size top tips and these are really good for anyone that has to run meetings and deliver online webinars. There are so many really useful tips I have taken away to use from now on for my meetings going forward.”

Womble Bond Dickinson

Want to improve your online speaking skills in your own time?

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Why choose us

Our objective is simple: we aim to give every person we coach consistent excellence.
Honesty and authenticity are the cornerstones that underpin our coaching.

Our mission is to make people the best that they can be and to provide consistent excellence in communication.

We aim to transform people by listening to their needs and giving them knowledge, skills and techniques that will help them to be the best they can be at all times.

We are flexible and can deliver our courses either face to face or using video coaching.