Skill Shots – Straight Forward Talking

Straight Forward Talking

About the workshop

Ever needed to have a ‘direct’ conversation with someone but weren’t quite sure about how to approach it? Perhaps you needed to explain their performance was below par, or their behaviour was having a negative impact on others. Or – perhaps scariest of all – you’ve been landed with the task of telling someone that the organisation has decided to “… let them go …” Whatever the situation, the apprehension beforehand can be draining. Don’t panic! This workshop can help you in such situations.

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You will learn how to:

  • Deliver a difficult message clearly and objectively
  • Convey caring yet detachment at one and the same time
  • Structure a constructive, 2-way exchange
  • Ensure conversations are productive and ‘straight forward’
  • Cope with a range of likely reactions
  • Develop effective ‘coping strategies’

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