For over 25 years we have been providing high-quality bespoke coaching to our clients all around the globe.

Based in London but with clients in every continent, our highly skilled coaches offer energetic, fun-filled communication courses that empower our participants with life-changing skills that are instantly transferable to the workplace.

The business world of today demands communication that is clear, concise, honest and inspiring. So whether it’s business pitches, presentations or client-relations, Speak The Speech improves the confidence and technique of the speaker enabling them to deliver to the best of their ability in any situation.

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Why choose us

We make a positive difference to every person that we coach.

We instill them with confidence, clarity and technique enabling them to be consistently excellent communicators.

Our objective is to make people the best that they can be by giving them the skills and techniques to make them honest and authentic speakers.

We transform our clients by listening to their objectives and then identifying the specific areas that they can tweak to meet those objectives.

We are flexible and can deliver our courses either face to face or online.


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What Our Clients say

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We are flexible: all our courses can be delivered face to face or using video coaching.

In our group one-day workshops we like to keep the numbers small thus allowing participants to benefit from plenty of individual tuition. For this reason we usually keep the numbers to a maximum of 8.

The Presentation Skills course focuses specifically on those who have to deliver pitches or presentations whereas the Executive Communication Course is more to do with being able to communicate well in ANY environment (business meetings, networking, interviews etc)

No but we are happy to work with anyone whether they are part of a company or not though these would tend to be in 1-to-1 sessions

Skill shots are 2-hour high-impact sessions which provide participants with quick and easy tools that they can use immediately. Bespoke courses are 1-day tailored sessions designed to fulfill clients requirements.

Our Clients

Our clients come from all corners of the globe and range from graduates right through to CEO’s and senior politicians as well as many professional sports organisations and teams.

Our combined experience covers plethora of sectors from Finance, Legal, Construction, NGO, Technology, Sports or Leisure.

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