In times of uncertainty, the ability to forge and maintain strong relationships within the team and the wider business is paramount.  Regular, meaningful communication is the lynchpin to survival.

But we live in a dynamic age, where instant gratification seems to have become the norm.  Today, therefore, possibly more than ever, we need to be able to make connections with people and do so quickly.

And there’s the rub.  We’re too busy!

This workshop will help you to understand the consequences of not making meaningful connections.

You will learn how to:


Make a good first and lasting impression

Adapt body language in order to build trust

Listen attentively

Ask pertinent questions in order to establish what others want

Communicate with clarity in order to establish what you want

Prepare to be spontaneous!

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What previous attendees said:

“The guys at Speak The Speech are so inspiring. They really make a connection and all of the points are practical and relevant.”


Why choose us

We make a positive difference to every person that we coach.

We instill them with confidence, clarity and technique enabling them to be consistently excellent communicators.

Our objective is to make people the best that they can be by giving them the skills and techniques to make them honest and authentic speakers.

We transform our clients by listening to their objectives and then identifying the specific areas that they can tweak to meet those objectives.

We are flexible and can deliver our courses either face to face or online.