With handshakes and face to face conference events off the menu for a while, webinars make it easy for us to stay in touch with our clients.  But why do many of us find the prospect of presenting remotely even more daunting than a conventional event?

In response to some excellent client feedback about our past webinars, we have designed this course to share some practical tips on how to create engaging webinar content that excites both your audience and you.

This fun and interactive session will provide you with a toolkit of practical tips and techniques that you’ll be able to apply immediately.

You’ll be surprised at how small changes can bring about huge improvements.

We’ll explore:

Planning a webinar

The role of the moderator – do’s and don’ts and how to be an engaging presenter online

Structuring  your webinar to ensure clarity

How to create powerful content that will keep attention of the audience

The 3 key delivery techniques – Body Language, Energy and Pace

How to talk to the camera like it’s your friend

Height, Light and Sight – positioning of the camera

How to have presence and gravitas online

Building a relationship and interacting with an audience you can’t necessarily see

Handing over to the next speaker – making those transitions seamless

The good, the bad and the ugly of PowerPoint slides – how do you make them memorable

How to end the webinar and leave them wanting more

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What previous attendees said:

“Brilliant.  Simply brilliant.  I’ve sat through hundreds of webinars and we should all attend your course!”

Ross H.

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