The best leaders are the best communicators.

The best communicators are the best leaders.

They speak well, they listen well, they have consistent excellence.

These bespoke 1-to-1 sessions are designed to take the participant from good to great. Whether that be in presentations to a live audience, speaking in online meetings or trying to influence and inspire teams, we will pass on the essential techniques common to every great speaker. These techniques can be relied upon to ensure that the leaders will always come across with clarity, impact and credibility.


You will learn how to:

Communicate to the highest of standards in all situations

Inspire and motivate an audience

Convey thoughts and ideas clearly, effectively and engagingly

Develop gravitas, authority and presence

Adapt style to suit different situations

Build on individual strengths and qualities


What previous attendees said:

“This course is our most popular and well attended on the Associate to Legal Director Core Curriculum. It consistently receives positive feedback. We have had specific comments from delegates saying that the course should be compulsory for all fee earners“

Baker McKenzie