How good would you say your company is at what it does? How high are the standards that it sets?

Now be honest – do those responsible for communicating information about your organisation match those standards? No?

This coaching redresses that imbalance. It is designed for senior executives who are constantly called upon to deliver high level communications. The objective is to make everyone that attends an exceptional speaker.

By the end of the workshop participants will have the tools and techniques to be outstanding communicators.


You will learn how to:

Consistently perform to a high level in all communications

Influence confidence

Develop gravitas and physical presence

Influence and persuade

Speak with clarity and conviction

Connect and build relationships with your listeners


What previous attendees said:

“A totally immersive and effective training session that can clearly result in tangible benefits for day to day communication skills”


“Talk about making an impact!  Mike and Jon continue to break down barriers for our clinical specialist team to help them transmit their technical and clinical expertise to physicians.  Their approach is a paradigm shift for our team; they leave with new skills and perhaps more importantly a new way to think and apply their communication skills.”

Boston Scientific