Premium Presenting is a personalised in-depth training package for individuals or small groups which aims to give participants consistent excellence when presenting or when being interviewed.

This 3 step training programme based on your assessments and goals is delivered by your coach via video sessions.


How Premium Presenting works:

Step 1.  A first session of 15-minute video call with your coach to discuss your objectives.

Step 2. Within 24 hours, you receive 3 video tutorials which will take you through delivery techniques and ideas on content. We also give you a presentation assignment to prepare for your last session.

Step 3. Your final session is face-to-face video call with your coach to review and improve your presentation/interview technique.  During this session, you will receive feedback on delivery style and content as well as specific tips and techniques on how to improve

Key points our coach will focus on:

What you are doing well

What you need to improve

How to building presence and authority when speaking

How to use your voice to keep an audience interested

How to vary your speed and use pauses to allow key messages to land

How to structure your material to ensure absolute clarity

How to tell a story to inspire and motivate your listener

How to land your “Elevator Pitch”

How to answer interview questions effectively

This programme is ideal for:

Individuals or small groups who require personal impact coaching.

Those for whom English is not their first language but who need to be able to communicate clearly and with confidence in the language of Shakespeare.

Professionals or students who may have an important interview, a presentation or an oral exam.

C-level or Senior Executives who want excellence in their presentations.

What previous attendees said:

“I am short of words to describe this course. I was so nervous about communicating but Speak The Speech found a way of making me talkative and outgoing”

Peter F.